Box Hill “Future Epicenter of Melbourne’s East”

- Dovetail featured suburb

Are you a nature lover? Do you consider yourself a shopping enthusiast? Are you fascinated to see old Chinatown places that date back to the 1800s? If you said ‘Yes’ to any of these questions, then BOX HILL is the place for you.  Box Hill, with a population of approximately 9,670, is located 14 kilometres  east of Melbourne’s Central Business District in the City of Whitehorse. Box Hill once had its own large historic Central Business District and its own municipality. 

Box Hill is popular for its multicultural diversity and wide array of restaurants and cafes of the various international cuisines. It is a bustling shopping destination with shops along Station Street and Whitehorse Road. The main shopping centre ‘Centro Box Hill’ features a Safeway Supermarket, Readers Bookstore,  Reject Shop food court and the large indoor Box Hill market.

Box Hill is also a major transport hub for Whitehorse City and its surrounding suburbs. The railway station is located under Centro Box Hill and is served by the Belgrave and Lilydale railway lines.  The complex includes a large bus terminal linking commuters to various destinations across most of the Melbourne suburbs. Box Hill is also near the Eastern Freeway that, during non-peak hours, can get you into the city in approximately 20 minutes.

Box Hill also prides itself on several public and private schools, it is in close proximity to tertiary facilities and provides the community with ‘The Box Hill Hospital.’(A teaching hospital)

There are also a number of recreational and sporting services in Box Hill such as Neighbourhood Houses, Scout Groups, Community Centre, the Athletic Club, the Indoor Sports Centre, the Football, Netball and Basketball clubs, Golf Course and the Aqualink.

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The neighboring suburb also features residential developments – from medium to high density.  The main centre is increasingly higher density.  A proposal was made in 2009 to establish a 38 level residential building in the heart of Box Hill. However, it was not approved and the site remains dormant.

Box Hill is a magnet for families on mid-range incomes because housing is more affordable, blocks of land are larger and offstreet parking is very common.  Houses bear some grand character as they were built from brick after World War 2. Much of the housing is blocked shaped with enough space for gardens. After WW2, Box Hill South was chosen for the development of public housing.

Property owners in Box Hill may have a huge opportunity if their land can be subdivided. Subdividing a property means dividing a single piece of property into smaller, separate titles, usually to sell or to use for future development.

The homeowner can receive a large financial ‘winfall’ from the money that the subdivision and subsequent sale of land will provide.

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