Chadstone "The Fashion Capital of the World”
 Dovetail featured suburb

Have you ever wondered which suburb you would be pleased to call ‘home’?

Check out CHADSTONE. With a population of approximately 7,800, it is located 17 klms southeast of Melbourne’s CBD and is home to the fashion capital, Chadstone Shopping Centre - the largest shopping centre in the southern hemisphere!

Located in the City of Monash, you will find Jordanville Community Centre, the Waverley Basketball Centre, Matthew Flinders Hotel and is not far from both Monash Hospital and Monash University.

Along its southern boundary, runs the Scotchman’s Creek and to the north, the Glen Waverley railway line. Divided by the Monash Freeway, Chadstone’s residents have access to public transport with extensive bus services and easy access to the city and southern suburbs via the freeway.

Houses in Chadstone were built in the post-war period, using pre-fabricated concrete making construction fast and structures very durable. They also have great fire ratings. However, older properties are fast being knocked down and replaced with larger houses. It seems to be the trend now as more working couples with families are moving into this area. But, Chadstone has maintained its quaint laidback feel, where children can still find space to play and ride their bikes.

For the lucky property owners in Chadstone, there is a great opportunity to subdivide your property with demand for property high and supply still considerably low.

But what does property subdivision really mean? It simply means dividing a single piece of property into smaller, separate titles, usually to sell or to use for future development.  The process may be extensive and exhausting varying from case to case but usually takes between 6-12 months to process. The rewards, however, cannot be underestimated.  Aside from the high returns it may bring, it can increase property’s market value by 50% literally overnight once the permit is issued. The profits can then be reinvested or used to improve/better ones lifestyle.

Thinking of Subdividing You're Property In Chadstone? -

Here are some steps to subdivide property.

  1. If you already own the property you want to subdivide, you should have a title search on the property.
  2. Contact your councils planning and development office for information about the rules and regulations, restrictions and other zoning ordinances, minimum lot size requirements and steps to get the subdivision process started.
  3. Coordinate with an architect, town planner and engineer for plans on exploring whether a subdivision is possible for your property.
  4. Hire a land surveyor to complete a full feature survey.  The cost of having the property surveyed depends on the geographical location and size of property. Compare the surveyor’s findings with council’s records of the property.

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  5. Apply for a planning permit from your council’s planning department (which can vary from state-to-state.) It includes a completed application permit, application and a copy of the property title and a survey map for subdivision.
  6. Council’s amendments will need to be addressed. The application will need to be resubmitted and then advertising to the local neighourhood. Following a successful campaign, the wait is now on for council to approve your subdivision. For environmental concerns, your local health department may require you to submit your plans for the subdivision.
  7. An Arborist’s report may also be required to assess the vegetation on the property.

However Dovetail Developments aims to relieve the stress that these subdivision steps can bring. We assist property owners through the Subdivision process.

For further details, feel free to visit our website or contact us directly on 1800 220 148 and speak with one of our friendly staff, who are more than happy to help.